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Clinical Trials System are fragmented, expensive, more difficult than space shuttles to use (read suck). We are working hard to make them gorgeous, super usable and affordable.

We are extremely proud of the ground-breaking work that our team has done in Clinical Research Informatics. In 2008, we launched our flagship product, TrialX, which is now a full-fledged subsidiary and one of the most recognized brands in the clinical trials industry.  TrialX’s online patient recruitment management solution, iConnect is used by top academic medical centers and leading patient advocacy groups to streamline their entire patient recruitment process. Our clinical trial finder, Ask Dory won the best cancer consumer app award from NCI. Every month thousands of patients connect to clinical trials investigator using our tools.

Our expertise in semantic data retrieval and record linkage has also been used to create the largest clinical trial investigator database, the ‘Investigator Databank’ – a collaborative data-sharing platform of the top five pharmaceutical companies.

But we are far from done. We continue to work tirelessly to develop more solutions to connect patients to clinical researchers worldwide.

Clinical Trial Finder & Patient Recruitment Platform
  • Our flagship clinical trial search engine, TrialX search has today evolved to become a super cool decision engine, Ask Dory that enables patients to find clinical trial investigators near them. Go ahead give Dory a try
  • iConnect is our enterprise grade patient recruitment management solution designed to connect patients to your clinical trials and track their engagement from trial search, referral, to recruitment.  It integrates with your IRB systems  or to create a centeralized clinical trial listing, includes automated referral tracking, volunteer registry and more. Learn More
Mobile Health Research Apps
    • We built the first clinical trial search App for iOS in 2009.
    • We recently open sourced an Android port of the Apple’s ResearchKit platform and will be launching the first ResearchKit based study on both the Android and Apple platforms.
    • Want to get a Research kit App developed? Learn more
8th Grade Media (Consumer Friendly Trial Media)
    • Clinical trial search services struggle with one major impediment to greater consumer engagement; the technical jargon of clinical trial description.
    • With 8th grade media, we have brought together a world class design and content team to re-write and package clinical trial content to make it understandable at the 8th grade level to make them more consumer-friendly.
    • Contact us to get your trials 8th grade media certified. Learn More
Global Clinical Trials Feed and API
    • We have created the most comprehensive, up-to-date, cleaned, de-duplicated and enhanced data feed of clinical trials, sites, investigators combining data from, WHO and other registries around the world.
    • Contact us to get access to this API.

Products & Solutions


TrialX’s Ask Dory is the one of its kind Q&A based clinical trial finder. Ask Dory won the best cancer consumer application award from the NCI in in 2012. The Ask Dory decision engine sifts through thousands of clinical trials and provides a Q&A based technology to narrow down matching set of trials. Ask Dory has answered hundreds of thousands of questions and connected thousands of patients to clinical trials successfully.


iConnect is an enterprise solution to facilitate patient-recruitment for academic medical centers, sponsors, and patient advocacy groups. iConnect integrates with your IRB systems or to create a centeralized clinical trial listing to increase the web presence of your trials. It also includes  semantic search, full clinical record matching (with EHR/PHR data) and a QA based decision engine (Ask Dory), automated referral tracking, volunteer registry and several other features to drive recruitment.

Investigator Databank

As a client solution, we developed the Investigator Databank to enable pharma companies including Pfizer, Merck, Lilly, Janssen and Novartis to share site and investigator metrics with each other. The Databank uses our data matching, record linking and semantic search technology to integrate and query millions of investigator and site records across these member companies, in a manner that safeguards their privacy clauses. We also extended the solution to develop the Transcelerate Investigator Registry solution used by 21 pharma companies across the world.

ResearchKit and Mobile Apps

We launched an open source Android port of the Apple’s ResearchKit solution and working to launch the Bermuda Study – a mobile device based study on ResearchKit platform to track walking patterns with respect to their demographics. We also launched the first clinical trial search app, TrialX on iOS in 2009 used by physicians and patients.




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