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What is AppliedML?

AppliedML is an innovative machine learning platform to optimize life sciences processes

We work with Sponsors, CROs and eClinical Technology Vendors to apply AI-enabled digital transformation for life sciences


How It Works

How is Machine Learning used in Life Sciences?

Drug Discovery Feasibilty Study Startup Clinical Trials Regulatory Post-marketing What are potential new compounds for targets? How many sites would be needed for this study and which locations? How many participants would need to be enrolled for this study? What are the best performing research sites in Europe for our oncology studies? Can I automatically classify the potential research sites in terms of risk on study completion delays? Can I predict patients that are most likely to drop out and not complete the trial ? Can I perform risk monitoring based on current progress of my clinical trial ? What media channels should I channelize my patient recruitment budget? What are the top clinical investigators for the new diabetes study? What patient engagement strategy are most effective for this study? Identify areas in the eTMF that indicate a risk for non-compliance What sites are at high risk for becoming non-compliant? How many sites would be needed for this study and which locations? Who are the top Key Opinion Leaders in cardiology in North East USA? Classification Recommendation Prediction Legend

AppliedML Solution

An End-To-End Solution for Machine Learning on Life Sciences Data

Data Ingestion + Cleaning Automated Feature Engineering + Enrichment Model Building + Automated Parameter Tuning IN Database, Documents, Spreadsheets, Multimedia AS Geo/Location, Taxonomical, Time Series, Handwritten OF TYPE Text, Image, Numerical, Voice, Video CONTAINING 100M customers, 108+ databaserows, 50000 rows/sec, 100TB of space Classification Recommendation Prediction API Viz Your New App Your Data

Integrate the Applied ML data processing pipeline with your systems or get a customized dashboard.

Our Clients

  • DrugDev
  • TrialX
  • Aledade
  • Komodo Health
  • JTurner Research
  • Client Drugdev
AppliedML Team
AppliedML Team

A group of scrubbers (data engineers), fortune-tellers (data analysts) and crystal-gazers (data scientists) from NYC trying to change how life sciences works.