iHealth Patient Portal

Award Winning Intuitive Design and Rock Solid Engineering

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Simple and Intuitive

A simple intuitive tile-based interface that won the hearts and minds of New Yorkers in NYeC design challenge. Every section of the website is designed with simplicity and purpose in mind.

MU2 Certified and Secure

The patient portal is certified by ONC as MU2 compliant for all View/Download/Transmit capabilities, accessibility and Direct Messaging feature baked right into the software.

Works with any EHR/Practice Management System

Driven by a comprehensive API platform underneath, iHealth can be easily integrated with any EHR or practice management systems.

Jargon-free Medical Information

iHealth uses a powerful medical vocabulary with millions of medical terms underneath that translates complex medical terms into a consumer friendly simple medical names. It also links to trusted online resolutions such as NIH Medlineplus and Mayo Clinic website.

Mobile Ready

iHealth is ready for the mobile enabled world. The web app renders snugly on different mobile devices. We are working on native versions of iOS and Android app.



Challenging the Status Quo is fun

ResearchKit: Results and User Experience with America Walks Study App - November 3, 2016 Priya Menon
      America Walks Study is an observational study to determine walking behavior of individuals in the US.  The app has been built using Apple’s ResearchKit library but the team at TrialX has also ported the same for Android devices so that the app is available to a much larger population base. “Easy to […]
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Patient Portals – Linking Providers and Patients using Two-Factor Authentication - March 4, 2015 Applied Informatics
The critical function of a patient portal is to link a given patient to their provider  in such a manner that a patient, say Bob, indeed gets linked to his doctor, say, Dr. Jane, so she can share his medical records or communicate with him and him alone. And, the challenge is, how to accomplish […]
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