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Building tools to keep you healthy as you move.

We have always had a single-minded focus on consumer needs at Applied. With consumers using mobile devices as their primary computing platform, our tools and apps have moved in that direction. Our first iPhone app was launched in 2009 to help physicians and patients access the most up-to-date listing of clinical trials. We have built some of most innovative consumer apps that leverage geolocation and fitness data from HealthKit (iOS), Google Fit or raw sensors (Android), FitBit/Jawbone-Up to enable consumers to track their fitness levels. Mobile is an integral aspect of all our enterprise solutions to provide a seamless consumer experience.

ResearchKit Apps
    • We are one of the leading companies developing on the Apple’s ResearchKit platform. We recently developed an Android port of the Apple’s ResearchKit platform to enable cross-platform studies. We will be launching the first ResearchKit based study available on both the Android and Apple platforms.
HealthKit/Google Fit Apps
    • We have built apps that leverage Apple’s HealthKit and Google Fit libraries to track a variety of health data feeds. Our design team has created highly intuitive and engaging designs to enable consumers to make sense of the data feeds.
Fitness API
    • The consumers use a multitude of fitness tracking devices and apps. We have built a unified “Fitness API” that aggregates data from different data sources into a unified API.
Clinical Trials App
    • We built the first clinical trial search apps on iOS in 2009. Using integration with our clinical trial recruitment platform (iConnect) or your CTMS you can manage all patient communication and send alert notifications based on visit schedule during the clinical trial.

Products and Solutions

TrialX iPhone App

The TrialX iPhone app enables patients and doctors to find relevant clinical trials near them and connect with the trial investigators in just a few taps. Using the geo-fence technology, the app can also provide alerts to patients based on proximity to a research site.


We launched an open source Android port of the Apple’s ResearchKit solution and will soon be launching the Bermuda Study, the first mobile device based study on ResearchKit platform to track walking patterns with respect to participants demographics.


BurningMan is a creative social experiment that aims to motivate you to walk more. The app rewards you with payouts earned as Bitcoins based on the number of steps you walk, compared to everyone else and the number of Bitcoins available every month.

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