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Blink and we have a product for you.

We literally translate ideas to code (sometime overnight over 24 hr hackathons). Many of our products have come from intense brain-storming sessions that have then lead to quick hackathons. This is one of the reasons why our clients love us – our ability to execute rapidly without them having to explain their requirements in detail. With us, you get a one stop shop – we will understand what you are trying to solve and then come up with an innovative solution, design and prototype.  

This is truly a unique service. And what’s not to like about it. You don’t have to pay us till you see a demo of our prototype on Day 28 and decide for yourself if you like it or not. You don’t owe us a dime if you are not happy with what you see (though we have never had that situation yet).

So if you have an idea for the next cool system or app, give us a shout. If it fits with our skill set we will take it on.

Our Products and Solutions

Investigator Databank

As a product prototype solution then as a full implementation, we developed the Investigator Databank to enable pharma companies including Pfizer, Merck, Lilly, Janssen and Novartis to share site and investigator metrics with each other. The Databank uses our data matching, record linking and semantic search technology to integrate and query millions of investigator and site records across these member companies, in a manner that safeguards their privacy clauses. We also extended the solution to develop the Transcelerate Investigator Registry solution used by 21 pharma companies across the world.




Our Blogs

Put Your Clinical Trials Data to Work with Applied Machine Learning - September 19, 2018 Shweta Mishra
Clinical trials data is increasing in complexity as well as in volume day by day. Researchers are collecting a variety of data in form of text, numbers, images, voice recordings, video recordings, tapping speed, range of motion and many more in their search for new life saving treatments. Take for example the All of US […]
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Achilles’ heel for AI Failure in Drug Development! - August 30, 2018 Applied Informatics
Of the many subsets of healthcare, nowhere will you find more exuberance over AI’s emergence, than in drug development. Courted by its lofty promise to solve pharma’s top two challenges, AI can potentially shorten the drug development pipeline and cut expenses by over 50%. Biopharma, known for massive operational costs to bring a drug to […]
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Recap of our Machine Learning Chops at DIA2018! - July 5, 2018 Shweta Mishra
  DIA 2018 just ended last week. We showcased our featured product Applied ML – a cutting edge Machine Learning solution for working with clinical trials data…     …and that is our CEO Dr. Sharib Khan on the screen demonstrating one of the fun computer vision feature that recognises people’s faces, predicts their age and […]
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MIGHTY App for Young Men’s Health – Applied Informatics Releases its Next ResearchKit Study App - May 16, 2018 Shweta Mishra
Men don’t like to talk about their sexual health and activities but they sure do have many questions related to it that they are not sure where to get answers from. Also many young men need more information and counseling on their sexual behavior so they can prevent pregnancy. The new study app developed by […]
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Excited to Display our Cutting Edge Machine Learning Capabilities at DIA 2018 Booth #2705 - May 11, 2018 Shweta Mishra
  Applied Informatics Inc. will be at the DIA 2018 to be held between June 24-28 in Boston. We will be at booth #2705 showcasing our cutting edge Machine Learning capabilities for clinical trials data. Machine Learning applications have the potential to increase efficiency research and development in the healthcare sector. According to a report by McKinsey,…
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