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Free Apps for Academic Medical Centers!

Yes, that is right! Whats the catch?

Top Academic Medical centers use our TrialX iConnect product and we are committed to accelerate research so we will build you a ResearchKit App for free if you are at an Academic Medical Center, subject to certain terms and conditions.

AI_logo Our Thinking

We’ve been busy developing apps for the clinical research industry for almost a decade now. Our flagship product under TrialX, such as iConnect, Ask Dory are among the most trusted online patient recruitment systems used by large academic medical centers including New York University Medical Center, Beth Israel Deaconess, University of Pennsylvania and so on.

Increasing consumer participation in research has always been a priority for us. With the rapid adoption of smartphones and with the recent release of Apple’s ResearchKit we have an unprecedented opportunity to empower patients to engage in research studies, right from their palms. In the process, we hope to usher in the era of patients donating their data for research.

In this regards, we went back to our bench and developed the first Android version of ResearchKit so now we can deploy studies on both iOS and Android platforms, something that so far has been a major limitation of Research kit-based studies. We are really excited about our first ResearchKit App, Bermuda that will be hitting the App store soon. If you are interested in learning more about our Research kit capabilities then drop us a line.

Our Apps Advantage

Cross-Platform Capability

We are the only company that provides ResearchKit-based study development on both iOS and Android platform.

HIPAA Compliant

We follow all industry best practices to build HIPAA compliant Apps. Our Android port for Researchkit bypases the Google Fit storage to directly retrieve fitness information from the device sensors.

Creative Design and Customization

Our world-class design team will work with you to create an intuitive, engaging consumer friendly design. With our strong expertise in iOS and Android platform, we can customize the full app experience for your users and leverage full power of these platforms.

Reporting and Study Analytics Dashboard

We have a powerful in-house reporting and analytics dashboard. This dashboard provides capabilities to create reports for your studies based on data collected during the study. The dashboard also enables export of data in formats compatible for spreadsheets or statistical analysis packages.

Marketing & Participant Recruitment

Our creative design and marketing team will work with you to market your app on the both Apple and Android App Stores and on the Web to relevant study participants. We have done online patient recruitment for numerous clinical trials hosted on our TrialX platform.

Informed Consent

Create a consumer-friendly informed consent that can include instructions video messages as well and quizzes to check participants understanding of the consent document.

Get Signatures

Generate a signed consent document that is stored securely for every study participant.

Conduct Surveys

Create dynamic survey questions that are triggered based on custom study logic. For example, you can design the survey to ask the user a question when they have walked more than 1000 steps in a given day


Leverage HealthKit and other Android sensors to measure data such as user step counts, heart rate and so on from the device

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