What is Dory?

Dory is a clinical trials finder that lets patients search clinical trials near them and connect with their investigators at a click of a button. Visit the website to check out how this awesome tool works. It can also be embedded on third party websites as a neat little widget. Adding a Dory widget to your website can enhance functionality and it looks great too.

How Many People Use It?

Trial searches


Calls made


Message sent



Call or message any clinical trial site location and get connected instantly.
Save and share your searches.

Get step-by-step guided assistance through the trial search process.

Map and list view for all searched trial sites.

Map and list view for all searched trial sites.

Get a Widget

Are you a lorem ipsum copy for name, a another lorem ipsum copy for field, a one more lorem ipsum mention of industry or someone looking for clinical trial search capabilities for your website or app? Check out our Dory widget – great UX/UI with a very fluid design that allows the widget to fits snuggly within all sorts of spaces and across all types of devices.