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We make our own Coffee and our own Design – we never compromise on either of them and like to control every aspect of making it. We deeply care about creating the best design that consistently exceeds users expectation. At Applied, “Design” is not limited to just visual design but includes many other subtle-behind-the-scenes design elements involved in developing a great web software including:

  • Architecting beautiful data models that scale based on evolving business needs.
  • Working with state-of-the art web technologies/frameworks that are proven and trusted in the industry.
  • Designing secure server infrastructure in the cloud that elastically scales up and down to meet growth demands.
  • Exposing beautiful open APIs and integrating with your existing systems to create a thriving ecosystem of software to solve your problems.
Django Web App
    • Using a framework “built for perfectionists with deadlines”, we have mastered Django since 0.9 and built hundreds of web apps used by millions of users everyday. We are proud contributor various open source plugins and libraries. We were one of the first companies to introduce an “api.py” convention in Django to enable re-use as the codebases grow. With such large battery of experience and chops in Django, we can built a sizeable beta app in matter of weeks if not days.
Agile Design
    • We are big fans of JIRA, daily standup, automated testing, pull requests and code reviews. We have developed a smooth workflow from requirements to production software that leverages the agile principles and lessons learnt in software development in past few decades. We believe in developing incremental and robust software with client or user participation throughout the process.
Testing Automation
    • Automated testing is baked-in during the software development itself. We do have manual QA step but as software grows the quality of software is maintained via automated test suites that run automatically when the code is committed (Continuous integration). Additionally, we use BDD (behavior driven development) testing as method of acceptance testing and cross-browser compatibility testing.
Branding and Design
    • We have a word-class creative design team that has produced award winning designs for our softwares. In addition, the team has copywriting and branding experience with a portfolio including Disney, Ogilvy, the Chicago White Sox and so on.
SEO and A/B Testing
    • Our content sites CureTalk Blog and Cure Bytes achieved 6 millions uniques visitors per month through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content efforts. We have an exhaustive checklist of SEO items that are applied to all our web products. In addition, we have built a custom A/B testing framework that allows us to display different variations of content in a random fashion to measure which versions works better.
    • All our web products are developed with a RESTful API that can be leveraged to integrate with your existing systems. We obsess and argue internally quite a bit over naming the REST resources and deciding the right URL structure. Our secret (well no longer anymore) of our great software architecture is that our internal code is also laid out in a REST fashion that allow easy integration among different modules in the system.

Our Products and Solutions

TrialX iPhone App

The TrialX iPhone app enables patients and doctors to find relevant clinical trials near them and connect with the trial investigators in just a few taps. Using the geo-fence technology, the app can also provide alerts to patients based on proximity to a research site.


We launched an open source Android port of the Apple’s ResearchKit solution and will soon be launching the Bermuda Study, the first mobile device based study on ResearchKit platform to track walking patterns with respect to participants demographics.


BurningMan is a creative social experiment that aims to motivate you to walk more. The app rewards you with payouts earned as Bitcoins based on the number of steps you walk, compared to everyone else and the number of Bitcoins available every month.

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