Dashboard of Publications, Grants and Clinical trials

at one place for your institution.

Trial Summary

Here you can find key metrics regarding clinical trials conducted by your researchers.

Publication Summary

You can see a summary of  all the publications being generated by researchers in your organization.

Grant Summary

This module offers information on  research grant recipients by university or researcher in the past month, the past year and the last five years.

Compare Against Selected Peers

ResearchStar allows you to compare your research output to that of similar, select peers. Cross-comparative metrics on publications, grants and the status of clinical trials is available by quarter, past year or the past five years.

Competitor Groups

Create Groups of your competitors and compare against these groups.

Your Rank

Track your rank compared to other institutions on the basis of clinical trials, publications and grant outputs.

Big Insights

ResearchStar Score is a proprietary algorithm that powers ResearchStar to mine information on who the top investigators are. Big insights also provides metrics on your performance in particular therapeutic areas.


Challenging the Status Quo is fun

Active Pharmacovigilance using Electronic Health Records – Introduction to cTAKES – Part 1 - July 26, 2017 Shweta Mishra
Research shows that drug-related events account for up to 50% of adverse events occurring in hospital stays each year. This significantly increases costs and length of stay in hospitals. Also about one fourth of the adverse drug reactions are drug-drug reactions occurring as a result of concomitant use – meaning – taking multiple pills at […]
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