Applied Informatics | A NYC based Health IT, Big Data and Semantic Tech Company
A NYC based Health IT, Big Data and Semantic Tech Company
Applied Informatics, NYC, Health Information Technology, Healthcare, Health IT, Biomedical Informatics, Patient Portal, Vocabularly, Clinical Trial Recruitment, iConnect, Big Data, Semantic Technology, HIT, mHealth, mobile health, FHIR
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From Engineering to Design. From Data Science to Web Apps. We build awesome things

Health Information Technology

We have developed and implemented a variety of HIT systems. These include an award-winning patient portal (iHealth), a scalable a FHIR server implementation, and APIs/toolkits for supporting meaningful use analytics, semantic search and parsing CCDA documents.

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Clinical Trials Informatics

Developed in 2008 as our flagship product, TrialX is now a full-fledged subsidiary that continues to lead the way in redefining online patient recruitment with its iConnect platform, Ask Dory clinical trial finder and Researchkit Apps. Our client solutions include the Investigator Databank which is used by top 5 pharma companies and a registry solution for the Transcelerate investigator portal.

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Semantic Big Data Analytics

Our big data team has solid expertise in distributed data aggregation, record linkage/de-deduplication of biomedical entities such as research investigators and sites across both public-private datasets.

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Mobile Health Apps

Since we launched the first clinical trial search App on iOS in 2009, we have continued to leverage our deep consumer health expertise to build new Apps. We recently open sourced an Android port of the Apple’s ResearchKit platform and are soon to launch a ResearchKit study on both Apple and Android phones.

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28 days Product Prototype

We literally translate ideas to code (sometime overnight over 24 hr hackathons). We provide a unique prototype service: you have an idea, you call us and if we think it aligns with our expertise, we will develop you a prototype in a 28 day turnaround. And you don’t pay a dime till you see and like what we build.

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Cool Hack-a-thon stuff

At Applied, we have a strong ethos of hacking and building cool things that can just start as friday afternoon chat ideas that then lead into all night hackathons



Challenging the Status Quo is fun

Blogs from Applied Team

Lifecycle of an Android Activity - February 3, 2016 Mir Suhail
Activity States The Android OS uses a priority queue to assist in managing activities running on the device. Based on the state, a particular Android activity is in, it will be assigned a certain priority within the OS. This priority system helps Android identify activities that are no longer in use, allowing the OS to […]
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How to Use Django Formset in Web Applications - February 3, 2016 Ather Rasheed
To begin using Django formsets we will create a sample form, say for entering details of a number of users . So in our existing Django project where we want to use the django formset we will create a form in our file. Next, to use a formset we need to create a method […]
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Highmaps Integration Into a Web Application - January 29, 2016 Shahid Ayoub
Highmaps can be very useful when we have to depict statistics related to geographical areas in our web applications. Graphical representation of data in highmaps, whether it is unemployment rate, population density or literacy rate etc. of a country or state, help in expressing it in a convenient fashion. Moreover, it also attracts users. Highmaps […]
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Filtering Out Noise from Healthcare Terms Using UMLS - January 22, 2016 Nadeem Nazeer
Having said that, there is a UMLS dataset known as MRSTY containing semantic information for concepts. There is exactly one row in this file for each Semantic Type assigned to each concept. All Metathesaurus concepts have at least one entry in this file. Many have more than one entry. Sample Record C0001175|T047|B2.|Disease or Syndrome|AT17683839|3840…
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Swift sha256 – iOS 10 Minute Quick Hack - January 20, 2016 Nickolas Whiting
Here is a quick hack for generating sha256 encoded string in iOS. Generating a SHA256 string in iOS is simple, first thing to do is to add the CommonCrypto library to your bridging header. If you don’t have a bridging header read on how to create one HERE. You need to include #import Next add […]
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We are one big family



Building world-class products to solve challenging problems in the Healthcare Industry



Who we are

Sharib Khan


Sharib has a passion for merging technology and healthcare that changes the way we approach medicine. As product lead at TrialX, he is responsible for strategy, operations, and product development for all products and services. Prior to TrialX, Sharib co-founded Future Today Inc., a leading online and connected TV media company. Today, Future Today and its media properties reach more than 3 million unique visitors every month. Sharib holds a Masters in Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University and an MD from University of Medical Sciences, Delhi University

Chintan Patel


Chintan brings in more than 15 years experience as a Computer Scientist and Biomedical Informatician. At TrialX, he builds stuff with funny acronyms such as REST, API, JSON, JSX, RDF and so on. His areas of expertise include software architecture, semantic technologies, biomedical ontologies, machine learning and natural language processing. Previously, he worked at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research, on ontology-reasoning and information extraction that then became the infamous Jeopardy winning AI software “Watson”. He holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics from Columbia University.

Aziz Rawat

Design Lead

Aziz grew up on the Shivaliks of north India. An alumni of the Faculty of Fine Art, Vadodara (India) and the VCU Brandcenter (Richmond VA), Aziz has helped launch and promote numerous global and regional brands while working for some of the top advertising and brand shops such as EnergyBBDO, DDB and Ogilvy. Proud of the diversity and breadth of work he has helped create over the years, Aziz believes is a result of a happy confluence of his pragmatic mother, perfectionist father and the paradoxical nature of all his experiences living in India, both coasts of the United States and the Midwest. Now living with his wife and daughter in Minneapolis, Aziz has made healthcare and wellness the focus of this work.

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