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An Ambidextrous Mind

is the best way to describe us

We are fortunate to have a core team whose collective mind is a happy mix of creativity and reason. To us, writing a brilliant piece of code is just as thrilling as writing an award-winning TV spot. And that makes all the difference in the work we do and the applications we create.

We are not just back-end developers or front-end designers. Our unique mix of left-brain and right-brain makes things come together for our clients in a holistic way. We are innovators, we are creators, we are communicators. We think, we build, and we create value. To top it all, we know how to sell. And we do it with style, strategy and great ideas.

We provide high-end software application design and development services to highly selective world-class organizations and we develop innovative software products. We also provide brand strategy, communication and design services.

In a nutshell, we provide business solutions that make your business work well and look good too.

If that sounds like what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Team

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Chintan Patel

Chintan Patel

Co-founder and Tech Lead

Dr. Chintan Patel is the Co-Founder and Technology Lead at Applied Informatics. He brings more than 15 years experience as a Software Engineer and Biomedical Informatician. His areas of expertise include Semantic Databases, Biomedical Ontologies, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. His works has been published in dozens of leading conferences and academic journals. Previously, he worked at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center, conducting research on ontology-reasoning and information extraction. He holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics (with honors) from Columbia University.

Sharib Khan

Sharib Khan

Co-founder and Product Lead

Sharib Khan, aka "idea khan" leads product development and strategic initiatives at Applied Informatics. He has been responsible for the conception of Applied Informatic's flagship product, Trialx.com, a consumer-centric clinical trials patient recruitment platform. The success of TrialX and it’s enterprise version, iConnect is evident in their use at some of the world’s most renowned academic medical centers and patient advocacy groups. A decision engine built over TrialX, Ask Dory won the NCI’s Best Cancer Consumer Application Development Award in 2011 for its simplicity and novelty.

Prior to TrialX, Sharib co-founded Future Today Inc., a leading online and connected TV media company. Today, Future Today and its media properties reach more than 3 million unique visitors every month. After completing his Masters in Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University, Sharib worked as a Biomedical Informatics Researcher on several federally funded research projects which included the development of a patient-centric Electronic Health Record; a health promotion portal and the adoption of EHRs among clinics in New York City as part if the NYC Department of Health's Primary Care Information Project.

After completing medical training at the University of Medical Sciences, Delhi University, Sharib traded his stethoscope for computers, code and technology, a passion that goes all the way back to his high school days in the quaint hills of Northern India where he got fascinated with the power of information systems to transform work and life.

Kartik Vishwanath

Kartik Vishwanath

Senior Software Architect

Kartik has been building distributed systems in the healthcare domain for more than 5 years, specializing in building out indexes, services, and infrastructures for making EHRs and population health systems more searchable. His interests also include building infrastructures to do machine learning against clinical data to build custom search data sets. Kartik graduated with a Masters in Computer Science from UMKC in 2008. He has a number of publications including in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA) and presentations in conferences such as AMIA, AAAI, and SAC. He also won AMIA’s Distinguished Paper Award in 2005.

Aziz Rawat

Aziz Rawat

Creative Director, Design Lead

Aziz grew up on the Shivaliks of northern India. Nick-named "General" because of his childhood fascination with the army, he is now a creative technologist constantly engaged in a battle of ideas.

 Having worked in such differing cultural markets as the U.S. and India, Aziz brings to his work a cross-continental perspective that is rare and refreshing, and which has earned him recognition from international award shows to local baseball fans. Aziz has helped launch global brands like Kraft, Dial and Boots as well as local ones such as the Chicago White Sox and The Art Institute of Chicago. Other clients on his roster include Disney, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Jim Beam, Wrigley and Bayer in the U.S. and NIIT, ABN Amro Bank, Dabur and Park Hotels in India.

 An alumni of the Faculty of Fine Art, Baroda (India) and the VCU Brandcenter (Richmond, Virginia), Aziz has worked at some of the planet's top creative shops including Energy BBDO, DDB and Contract Advertising.

 Proud of the diversity and breath of work he has helped create over the years, Aziz believes is a result of a happy confluence of his pragmatic mother, perfectionist father and the paradoxical nature of all his experiences living in India, both coasts of the United States and the mid-west. 

Now living with his wife and daughter in Chicago, Aziz loves to laugh, enjoys art, philosophy, politics, and feeds on all sorts of new inventions and ideas that the web has to offer.

Julie Dulude

Creative Director, Copy Lead

Julie is one of the world’s most skeptical consumers. Ironically, it’s her cynicism for all things branded that make her good at what she does. Part copywriter, part strategist, Julie searches far and wide for emotional truths that will resonate with the intended audience. 

Julie’s work spans a diverse range of accounts including Dove, Kotex, CleanWell, Honest Foods, BlackBerry and American Eagle Outfitters, with special expertise in the wellness and natural foods markets. Julie has worked in all mediums from interactive to broadcast, but she brings to Applied Informatics far more than a traditional advertising background.

 Some of Julie’s more memorable projects have been inventing new product ideas for Adidas and redesigning the consumer shopping experience for Westfield malls. She has named new companies and products, and helped launch multiple brands from scratch, in each case working closely with the client to create a unique and ownable brand voice.

A graduate of Wesleyan University and VCU Brandcenter, Julie is a recovering wanderjarh and has lived and traveled to such far-flung places as the Marshall Islands, Ecuador, India, South Africa and Costa Rica. Julie’s other passion is cooking, and she enjoys inventing new recipes and testing them out on willing guinea pigs.

Priya Menon

Scientific Media Editor

Priya Menon, Scientific Media Editor, manages and hosts the internet radio talk show - The Cure Panel Talk Show from India. The Cure Panel Talk show is an all-inclusive show for and by patients featuring top physicians advising and discussing the latest that helps listeners make choice decisions. Priya holds a masters in Microbiology and her experience include research in molecular biology and genetics. She amalgamates her writing interests and research inclinations through scientific communication and conveys intricate scientific content to a wider audience. She is an avid reader, enjoys classical dance, and theatre.

Joefrey Mahusay

Joefrey Mahusay

Front-End Developer

Joefrey Mahusay is a web designer and developer based in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines with almost nine years of experience in the web industry. He earned his bachelor’s degree of Computer Science at STI College, Cagayan de Oro. He creates websites with cleanness and minimalism in mind. He was once an author of themeforest where his finest themes are displayed.

Joefrey is also an entrepreneur and loves to explore new things especially in tech. In his leisure time, you will find him playing badminton - which he does for “burning calories”. He is happily married to her wife Sheila with their 3 adorable kids namely Gabriel, Abigail and Rachel.

Nickolas Whiting

Nickolas Whiting

Senior Software Engineer

Nickolas Whiting is a Senior Software Engineer at Applied Informatics. Since 2007 he has worked as an engineer and technical lead to create amazing software using web technologies. Nickolas has published dozens of open source software projects and given talks about the software that he builds. He is currently researching signal based programming for creating reactive real-time artificial intelligence systems. Previously, he served in the United States Air Force.

India Development Team

India Development Team

Software Developers

We have an awesome development team in the beautiful Kashmir Valley.


We Solve Business Problems

We optimize technology to grow businesses and brands.

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  • iConnect is a great platform to support patient recruitment. It provides us all the features and the flexibility needed to suit our needs

    IT Director , Clinical Research Unit, Cleveland Clinic

  • Winner of #ONC #popHealth challenge: popEye. Links quality measurement to patient engagement- elegant!

    Farzad Mostashari, Director, ONC



TrialX is a web-based platform that empowers patients to find clinical trials that match their health conditions and connect with trail investigators effortlessly. TrialX has made more than 15000 patient investigator connections since its launch.

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iHealthNY is our award winning cloud-based patient portal. It is built from the ground up to enable consumers to manage their health information easily and securely.


iHealthNY is our award winning cloud-based patient portal. It is built from the ground up to enable consumers to manage their health information easily and securely.



Call-E is an award winning virtual calling system. It delivers any reminder message or collects responses to questions from your customers via VOICE, SMS or email. It’s designed to enable you to engage with your customers effortlessly. Sit back and view all responses at your leisure.


Building For & Connecting With The Audience

Our consumer-centric approach to everything we do is as much a part of our DNA as technology. Noting is more important to us than staying relevant and engaging to our target audience. We have some of the brightest minds in the advertising and marketing business who make sure our work resonates in the minds of the consumer. Here is a slice of work our team members have created for various clients and agencies in the past:


From Back-End to Front-End, We've Got You Covered

Wheather you need back-end software development or front-end application design, we can help. We are also brand builders who can strategize, position and bring your brand to life. We help you create cutting-edge technology that works seamlessly and world-class brands that reasonate emotionally.

Software & Web Development

We have built a variety of web applications – from decision engines designed to help patients find clinical trials to information systems used by the largest pharmaceutical companies. We have considerable experience using open source development technologies and frameworks such as Django/Python, Wordpress. Our systems adhere to industry-recognized security practices including HIPAA guidelines. With our unique mix of technical and creative expertise, we build applications that are smooth, responsive and look good too.

EHR/PHR Application Development:

We provide end-to-end Electronic Health Record(EHR)/Personal Health Record (PHR) application development including assessment of the platform architectures, information design, data types, integration requirements, security features and application development. We are one of the pioneering companies to have built applications on leading platforms such as Microsoft HealthVault, SHINY-API and IndivoHealth.

Branding, Strategy and Advertising

We help businesses define themselves through unique brand positioning, brand voice, and communications

Natural Language Processing

We have deep expertise in leveraging both open source tools and our own proprietary methods to parse health information and derive semantic concepts. Our NLP tools have been used to process both dense clinical records or twitter messages for extracting clinical information in consumer health informatics applications.

Semantic Web Services

Our team has solid experience in the use of terminologies and ontologies such as SNOMED, ICD-9, UMLS. We assist clients in mapping data elements coded using different terminologies, build new terminologies or leverage existing terminologies to build semantic search capabilities.

Copywriting & Graphic Design

For clients who don’t need our full branding and strategy services we offer a la carte copywriting and graphic design

Data Mining & Analytics:

Our capabilities include deep web crawling, data extraction, data cleaning , data aggregation and analytics. Our proprietary tools can help you merge data from hundreds of disparate sources and analyze them.

Online Patient Recruitment

One of our products, TrialX is a leading consumer-driven platform for online patient recruitment. TrialX enables patients to find clinical trials and connect with investigators near them. The enterprise version of TrialX, iConnect is being used by four of the top academic medical centers in the US to improve online patient recruitment.

Content Creation & Social Media Management

We help create and maintain a strong online presence for businesses by keeping content fresh and consumers engaged. From script writing to video production, photography and illustration, we use all forms of storytelling to deliver our clients’ message through social channels.

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