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ResearchDroid is the first Android port of ResearchKit
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Since we launched, an online platform to match patients to clinical trials, we have been committed to increasing consumer participation in research.

With the ubiquitous availability of smartphones, we have an unprecedented opportunity to empower patients to engage in research studies, right from their palms. So when Apple launched ResearchKit in March 2015, we reached out to our trial investigators to hear their thoughts.

The first thing that they brought up was “So, no Android? Wont this bias study results?” So we dedicated a full team to develop the first Android version of Researchkit 

We then  launched the first ResearchKit study, America Walks that is available on both Android and iOS to demonstrate the feasbility of such cross-platform apps.

More about our mobile research study app work can be found here. If you would like to use ResearchDroid for your app, then drop us a line.

 ResearchDroid Timeline

  • June 2015: Discussions with our TrialX Investigators
  • Nov 9, 2015: Launch of first version of ResearchDroid
  • Mar 1, 2016: Launch of America Walks Study App with Android version running ResearchDroid
  • May 2016: Release of generic API for data storage
  • Aug 2016: ResearchDroid to power DIY App platform

ResearchDroid Features

  • Create informed Consent Using Json File
    • Create the Consent Pages
    • Swipeable  Views
    • Indicator to show progress of the consents
  • Create Surveys Forms Using Json File
    • Creating Form Fields
    • Validating Form Fields
    • Wizard form(page by page)
    • Create the signature field for getting user’s consent or any other doc signed
  • UI:
    • Material Design UI
    • ResearchKit Like UI
    • Override the style as per own specifications



Informed Consent

Create a consumer-friendly informed consent that can include instructions video messages as well and quizzes to check participants understanding of the consent document.

Get Signatures

Generate a signed consent document that is stored securely for every study participant.


Conduct Surveys

Create dynamic survey questions that are triggered based on custom study logic. For example, you can design the survey to ask the user a question when they have walked more than 1000 steps in a given day


Leverage HealthKit and other Android sensors to measure data such as user step counts, heart rate and so on from the device

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 8.56.19 PM

Cross Platform Advantage

Get your study App to run on both iOS and Android. We have developed our own port of the Researchkit framework to Android. 

Check out our America Walks Study App to see a version for both iOS and Android.

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