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Our Thinking

Developing great Healthcare Informatics Solutions is the very foundation of our company, going all the way back to our days as graduate students in the Department of Biomedical Informatics, Columbia University.

Despite considerable progress in recent years, we believe that HIT solutions struggle with user-friendliness, scalability and interoperability. We challenge ourselves to push the boundaries of what is possible and the products and services showcased demonstrate our commitment to advanced informatics and purposeful design.

If you like what you see, we will integrate/customize our existing solutions or build new ones just for you.

We look forward to making HIT work elegantly for you.

Healthcare Informatics Services

Patient Portal Deployment
    • We have built the  world’s most beautiful and consumer friendly patient portal, iHealth.
    • Meaningful Use 2 certified, iHealth has been custom implemented for a large EHR company and its patient base of approximately 1 million patients.
    • Get the sexiest patient portal in the hand of your patients. Learn more.
Meaningful Use Analytics
  • We have built the first and most advanced API, PopEye, to run meaningful use CQM/QRDA metrics over millions of patient records
  • PopEye leverages the ONC sponsored popHealth reference implementation
  • Learn more on how the PopEye API can reduce your effort to maintain a MU analytics service  
Health Vocabulary Integrations
    • We have deep knowledge and experience working with terminologies in the UMLS such as SNOMED-CT, MeSH, ICD9CM, ICD10, RXNorm   
    • Learn more about our developer friendly Health Vocabulary API, HaVoc to power semantic search, data integration and analytics across all your products.
HIT APIs and FHIR Services
    • Since our inception, RESTful APIs have served as a foundation for developing all our systems. Explore the several APIs we have built.
    • We are among the first companies supporting the Argonaut implementation of HL7’s FHIR initiative.
    • Contact us to learn how our FHIR compliant plug-n-play appliance, iGnite can streamline interoperability  
Population Health Analytics
    • We have built a unique suite of technologies to enable ACOs to improve population health outcomes.
    • Our patient cohort outreach platform, Call-E can help you reach out to millions of patients for wellness and preventive service reminders

Healthcare Informatics Products

iHealth Patient Portal

iHealth is the world’s most beautiful and consumer friendly patient portal. Dubbed “sexy”, iHealth won an award for its design and intuitive interface at the NYeHC’s patient portal design challenge.

Meaningful use 2 certified, iHealth has been custom implemented for a large EHR company and its patient base of approximately one million patients. Get the sexiest patient portal in the hand of your patients here.

Get the sexiest patient portal in the hand of your patients.

iHealth Patient Portal Best Designed
popHealth API Clinical Quality Metrics

popEYE – Clinical Quality Metrics Calculator

PopEye, is an award winning system which supports calculating meaningful use CQM/QRDA metrics over millions of patient records. It interfaces with the ONC supported popHealth system

You Can Do Anything, if You Stop Trying To do Everything

Learn more on how PopEye can significantly cut your effort (read headaches) and costs to provide a CQM/QRDA service

HaVoc API (Health Vocabulary API)

Working with complex biomedical health terminologies is easy when you use the right tools. HaVoc is a simple REST API that can help you build smart health apps quickly by integrating semantic search capabilities.

HaVoc allows you prompt access to hundreds of biomedical vocabularies and enables semantic queries (such as getting a concept’s synonyms, parent/children and related concepts).

popHealth API Clinical Quality Metrics

iGnite – FHIR API Appliance

iGnite is scalable FHIR compliant VM, that can be installed within your in-house infrastructure.

iGnite can scale to thousands of query requests per second and can easily integrate with your existing HIT systems.

As part of our commitment to FHIR, we are one of the members of the Argonaut Implementation project.


Call-e is an award winning patient outreach tool that ties clinical quality metric reports with patient outreach.

Using Call-e you can reach a patient by voice, email or SMS and send them reminders. receive responses to book appointments for preventive services. How cool is that!


Healthcare Informatics NEWS & UPDATES


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Recap of our Machine Learning Chops at DIA2018! - July 5, 2018 Shweta Mishra
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  Applied Informatics Inc. will be at the DIA 2018 to be held between June 24-28 in Boston. We will be at booth #2705 showcasing our cutting edge Machine Learning capabilities for clinical trials data. Machine Learning applications have the potential to increase efficiency research and development in the healthcare sector. According to a report by McKinsey,…
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